Katy Perry Debuts “Dark Horse” Featuring Juicy J

Katy Perry

Today is shaping up to be a great day for new music. Pusha and Kendrick started the day off right with “Nosetalgia,” and now Katy Perry comes through with Juicy J to deliver the second single off her forthcoming album Prism.

“Dark Horse” is an entirely different creature than “Roar,” and that’s probably for the best. Where “Roar” played like an anthem for those downtrodden, “Dark Horse” finds the pop starlet giving her man an ultimatum against an enchanting beat that feels more like a Stay Trippy leftover than something from Perry’s stable. This proves to be for the best, however, because it actually brings some new ideas to the top 40 pop table, which Perry then uses to concoct another potential chart-topper. She’s not reinventing the wheel just yet, but at least she’s trying to help it progress. You can stream the song below.

When “Roar” hit the net in the middle of August Katy Perry fans were more than a little divided. Some welcomed the new sound with open arms and excitement, but others missed the ultra-sugary sound delivered on Teenage Dream and refused to accept that Perry had potentially evolved. I’m going to guess those who loved “Roar” will enjoy what’s about to follow, but those hoping for a return to the Teenage days are bound to be sorely disappointed. It took me a few listens to get into the song’s groove, but once I did I could not get enough.

Prism hits stores this October, but preorders are available now via iTunes. If you would like to purchase your copy in advance, follow the link located on the media player. We’ll bring you more Prism updates as information becomes available.

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  • HaulixJames

    I am so excited for ‘Prism’ it’s silly. Gaga needs a hit or her ship is sunk.