Required Listening: Danny Brown – “Side A (Old)”


If I could pick only three hip hop releases to cover for the next few weeks I would undoubtedly choose Drake, Pusha T, and Danny Brown. All three bring something completely different to the table, and if you ask me all three are at the top of their game at this point in time. Drake is the most commercially successful, but Pusha is a living legend, and as we’re learning again today no one can spit quite like Danny Brown.

This morning a new song off Danny Brown’s upcoming album Old found its way online ahead of the record’s September 30 street date. The track is titled “Side A (Old),” and as you can probably guess it serves as the album opener. Brown spits over a beat that harkens back to classic hip hop on everything from life in Michigan, to growing up around drugs, rising above, and how no matter what he accomplishes in life it seems people always want him to return to his old ways. It’s as catchy as it is abrasive, and should go a long way toward exciting longtime Brown fans about the material offered on the new album. You can stream the track below.

In addition to releasing “Side A,” Danny Brown has also posted a video trailer for Old that can be found at the end of this post.

Old has been a topic of discussion since the later months of 2012, and the world still has two weeks to wait until the album finally hits stores. “Side A” is a nice appetizer, but I’m more than ready to dig into the full release and hear what Brown has been hyping all this time. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Danny’s new material.

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