Stream Alfonso Cuarón’s Score for ‘Gravity’


Alfonso Cuarón’s latest space-thriller Gravity has been getting a ton of hype. Tons of outlets are calling it one of the most intense, unique film-going experiences of the year. Well today, we’re pleased to share with you a stream of the score from one of the UTG office’s most anticipated films of the year. Scored by Steven Price (Attack the Block, The World’s End), the score hauntingly compliments what is supposed to be a very visceral film-going experience.

Premiering on Wired, Price sat down with the outlet saying:

“Alfonso was always very determined that the soundtrack be immersive. As you sit in the theatre, the score literally moves around you and seeks to complement the weightless movement of the outer space visuals. We want you to feel within the experience. In order to achieve this, we recorded separately a wide range of elements, including glass harmonicas, voices, and string and brass sections of various sizes so as to allow a lot of freedom in both movement and also post-recording processing. Elements come and go, pulsate and transform, and follow the movements onscreen in a way that will hopefully add to the total cinematic experience of Gravity.

Gravity releases into theaters on October 4, and frankly, we’re counting down the minutes to when we get to sit down in the theater.

You can check out the score after the break, but let us know if you’re excited to see Gravity in the comments. If you’re not aware of the film, we also included a trailer. Be forewarned: it’s going to get your heart pumping. 

Tyler Osborne

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