‘Adventures In The Sin Bin’ Trailer Finds Bo Burnham Helping Nerds Get Laid

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With parents and siblings at home all hours of the day, it can be incredibly difficult to find a little time for romance with your high school sweetheart. That is, unless you have a friend with a van.

Bo Burnham is a rare breed of celebrity. He’s one of the very few YouTube sensations to become accepted as a full fledged member of pop culture, and this fall he finally gets his first big theatrical role in Adventures In The Sin Bin. The film follows the life of Brian, a shy teen who loans out his van, nicknamed SIN BIN, to his friends for their sexual exploits while he remains a frustrated virgin. When he meets a helpful school mate (Bo Burnham) and his girlfriend, he finds himself in an awkward love triangle while learning the art of wooing women.

There are probably more films about attempting to get laid before high school ends than any other topic in the ‘teen comedy’ genre, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t room for one more. Adventures In The Sin Bin is treading well covered territory, but I have to believe Burnham’s presence will bring at least a little something new to the table. I didn’t laugh too hard at the trailer, but I’m certainly interested in the full feature. You can view the clip below.

Adventures In The Sin Bin opens October 18 in theaters and on demand.

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