Universal Begins Shutting Down Smiths/’Peanuts’ Mashup Tumblr


God save micro-blogging.

It’s Friday, and like you we really don’t want to be at work anymore. UTG is fun and all, but most of us work day jobs that put us in front of monitors full of numbers and reports we pretend to work on while secretly sneaking off to enjoy whatever nonsense the internet has recently brought to life. One hotbed for such content is Tumblr, and this morning we learned from our friends at Stereogum that one of our favorite blogs will soon be little more than digital dust.

This Charming Charlie rose to internet fame earlier this year for being the only site brilliant enough to think of adding lyrics from music by The Smiths to comic panels from the beloved strip Peanuts. The site found its way onto Buzzfeed and numerous other ‘distraction content’ outlets, which only added to an already healthy following from within the Tumblr community, and the site’s creator showed her thanks by continuing to deliver cleverly concocted mashups like this:

No free music or links to such content was ever posted on the blog.

Now, according to a recent post on the blog, Universal Music has begun issuing content removal requests for a number of the site’s more popular posts. An update titled ‘I Know It’s Over’ reads:

The Smiths’ licensing company (Universal Music Publishing Group) has started requesting posts be removed from This Charming Charlie. So far 6 posts have been removed, and it is increasing every hour. If you like the page, please save copies of the comics to your own computer. I will repost the images on my personal site.

Rest in peace, This Charming Charlie. You will be missed.

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