Drop Everything And Stream Lorde’s Debut Album


Following three promotional singles, sixteen-year-old pop newcomer Lorde has partnered with VH1 to stream her debut album a full week ahead of its release date.

Featuring ten songs that showcase the wide vocal range of the New Zealand native, Pure Heroine could not arrive at a more perfect time for Lorde. She recently skyrocketed into the US top 40 with “Royals,” making her unique brand of atmospheric pop as in demand as ever. As long as curious listeners connect with even one more song off her album with a similar intensity, it won’t be long before this young starlet is a household name. You can stream the album below.

We are currently chipping away at a review of Pure Heroine and would love to know your thoughts. Comment at the end of this post and let us know if you think Lorde has staying power.

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  • Sam Gho

    Too early to say. The first effort is the result of her being groomed since she was 12 by Universal and hence it remains to be seen how much is her own versus handlers/singers/musicians in the background. She seems talented and confident which bodes well for the future. Among the tracks Royals and Tennis Court are the two stand-outs, the others are so-so. Anyway, wish her all the best.