Patent Pending Stream “There Was A Time”

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Every scene has those bands that everyone knows deserves a ton of attention they’ve somehow never been given, and for the pop punk realm that band is all too often Patent Pending. Anyone who has seen or interacted with the group know they’re some of the hardest working, funniest, and most creative people you could hope to meet. Their new album could be their ticket to the acclaim they’ve always deserved, and at the end of this post you’ll get your first taste of what they have in store via “There Was A Time.”

The album opener, “There Was A Time” is an a cappella introduction to Brighter that leaves you feeling as if anything is possible. If the band choose to incorporate it live it could go over huge with fans, but for now it’s an exciting teaser of what is sure to be an interesting fall release.

If you like what you hear, there’s more to enjoy. Clips of every track off Brighter can now be heard on Amazon.

Patent Pending deserve to be much bigger than they are, so pick up Brighter on October 8 and add a little fun to your music collection.

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  • Cole Roach

    I went to HS with them, this snippet reminds me of a song where they did a call and response with the audience at the talent show (after they graduated they would come back to increase ticket sales, like you said best guys EVER) to a song I don’t know the title but I think it was ’18 Forever’ Can’t wait to hear the rest!