The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Gets Kicked Off Instagram (Surprise)


Keith Moon got kicked out of hotels. Brian Wilson got kicked out of The Beach Boys. The Beatles were kicked out of Israel eternally… and The Flaming Lips‘ Wayne Coyne gets kicked off Instagram.

Coyne gets 50 gold stars (if Jack Black were his teacher) for his use of social media. Even if you don’t follow him on various websites, it seems the psychedelic frontman has a way of making headlines without even trying. He’s known to post nude/generally NSFW photos on his pages on a near-weekly basis. But now, after almost a year of him doing this, the man has decided to come down on him with the law.

The singer had his Instagram page taken down, but he’s already started a new account according to Stereogum. What has fans riled up the most, however, is that all of his photos that were previously online have been deleted. Fans are so angry, in fact, that they’ve created a petition for Instagram to reactivate Coyne’s original account in addition to the countless photos sent into the Internet’s black hole of a trashcan.

Interested? You can sign the petition here. Just keep your crazy, punk rock behavior to a minimum on Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest, plz.

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