Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Delayed Until 2014?

The Wolf of Wall Street

“More, is never enough.” This statement may find itself not necessarily true for Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated new film, The Wolf of Wall Street, for it is being reported that Scorsese has handed in a cut of the film that is nearly three hours long, with the big bad studio executives wishing for it to be slimmed down for two, forcing the film out from its originally planned November 15, 2013 release date. While nothing is confirmed from Paramount yet, reports are coming in that the film may be moved to a new release date, sometime in early 2014.

With this push putting the film outside of 2013, it inherently moves The Wolf of Wall Street out of the 2013 Oscar race, giving room for other films, such as the highly talked about 12 Years a Slave and the well-received Mud. This situation has happened to Scorsese before, back in 2009, with his film Shutter Island. Planned for a late 2009 release, the film was pushed to early 2010, though it soon became one of Scorsese’s highest grossing films, only behind his Oscar magnet The Departed.

Whatever fate may arise for The Wolf of Wall Street, I await for its release whenever that may be. If you haven’t yet, check out an awesome trailer for it after the jump.

Drew Caruso

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