Taylor Swift Cast In ‘The Giver’ Film Adaptation

taylor swift

Monday of this week I was excited, worried, and a mix of other emotions while writing about the newly announced The Giver film adaptation. I, at my core, am excited to see Lois Lowry’s great work transcribed for the screen, though I am skeptical as The Giver is one of my favorite works of fiction, and I am already fearing the new paperback versions of the book that will have Hollywood actors’ faces stamped all over it. Strike that skepticism substantially higher now that Taylor Swift has been cast in a role for the film. While still under wraps as to what role Swift will have, we do know that Katie Holmes will also be joining the cast, playing the role of lead character Jonas’ mother.

Bringing The Giver to the big screen will be a difficult task, for anyone who has read the book will understand that visual story plots lay in the way. It comes down to the fact that certain story elements presented in the book cannot be done the same way in film. This should not be a huge detraction from the essence of the story, but it can put more pressure on other aspects of the film.

As mentioned earlier this week, Holmes and Swift will be joining the likes of Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, and Jeff Bridges (who will play the titular role of the Receiver of Memories, or better known as simply The Giver). The film, which is slated for an August 15, 2014 release, will begin filming on October 7 of this year, in Cape Town, South Africa. As we speculated earlier, the film would need to begin shooting soon, if it hopes to make that August 2014 release date.

Drew Caruso

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    Swift has been successful in most everything she has tried, this will be no different..

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