Hugh Jackman Confirmed For Supporting Role In ‘Chappie’

Hugh Jackman

Neill Blomkamp is directing an upcoming film titled Chappie. It’s a sci-fi movie that tells the story of an artificially intelligent robot who’s stolen by two gangsters who want to use him for their illegal activities. So far, it’s been confirmed that the film will star Sharlto Copley as the voice of Chappie, with Ninja and Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord as the two gangsters.

In a recent interview with Screen Daily, Hugh Jackman revealed that he too will have a role in the film, though he did not give up who it is he’ll be portraying.

With that being said, according to an article by Bleeding Cool, Jackman will be playing a “resourceful” CEO who has some beef with the gangsters.

There is a scheduled release date of March 27, 2014. I’m sure we will be hearing all about it in the next few months, so check in again soon for any updates!

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