The Killers Release “Shot At The Night” Video

The Killers, 2013

Just a little over a week after debuting their new single, The Killers have released the official video for “Shot At The Night.”

The latest in a long line of videos from The Killers to be set in Las Vegas, “Shot At The Night” opens with a time lapse of Sin City under the stars. The night soon gives way to day, and with the sun’s eventual rise comes another day of work for the girl that serves as our protagonist. She works at a hotel as maid, and from what we’re shown dreams of a much better life. She believes the night is her chance for escape from the monotony of her existence, and that evening a chance encounter with a handsome stranger leads her on an unforgettable journey. You can view the video below.

The evolution of The Killers has been one unlike any other band in the current pop rock scene. Most bands have to work for years to find the sound that carries them to a large audience, but for The Killers’ that part was the easiest of them all. “Somebody Told Me” was a worldwide success right out the gate, and before the band knew it they were fighting the timeless pop star fear of becoming yesterday’s news. By the time their Sophomore album hit stores they were already considered industry vets, and though they could have very easily played it safe by sticking to what worked from the start the group has continued to push themselves in new sonic directions with each release. “Shot At The Night” carries the sound that has resulted from those years of refinement, and if you ask me it’s one of the band’s strongest singles to date.

Direct Hits, the new album from The Killers, hits stores November 11. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Shot At The Night.”

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