Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s Announce New Album, ‘Sling Shot To Heaven’

Sling Shot to Heaven

My love for Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s runs quite deep. It could be because of their Wes Anderson influences, their oddly esoteric yet lovable lyrics, or their overall prowess as musicians, but more than likely it’s a combo of all those things and then some. While it took me some time to get used to their last two releases after the changes made beyond Animal! and Not Animal in 2008, I’m still eager to hear anything the band releases, which is why I’m very excited to find that they’ve announced their fifth LP, Sling Shot To Heaven, for a February 2014 release, with a single being dropped this November.

The seemingly California-themed album will see many formats including digital, CD, deluxe CD+DVD, vinyl, and deluxe clear vinyl+DVD. Consider at least one clear record sold already.

You can view the 13-song track listing after the jump which doesn’t shy away from the band’s choice of odd titles. The album’s assumed cover art featuring the Golden Gate Bridge is featured to the left in this post. The band has also been working on a film that will accompany the release of Sling Shot To Heaven which you can view a sneak peak of after the jump.

1. Hello, San Francisco
2. When You’re Gone
3. Long Legged Blonde Memphis
4. Bleary-eye-d Blue
5. Lazy
6. Flying Saucer Blues
7. Los Angeles
8. Gettin’ Fat
9. Go to Sleep You Little Creep
10. I Don’t
11. Swallowing light beams
12. I Can’t Sleep My Eyes Are Flat
13. Wedding Song

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