PMtoday Members Reunite as Move, Stream New Song


The UTG staff has a lot of PMtoday fans and we’ve been shaking and aching for the ex-Rise Records family outfit to bring us the goods post-In Medias Res but as they’ve been on an indefinite hiatus for some time, our hopes have since been indefinitely unfulfilled.

Back in April, word got out that brothers Connor and Ryan (PMtoday founding members) would be working on a new project called move which may or may not now be known as move orchestra. The project seems to also feature Cuinn, another Brogan brother that was a member of PMtoday, and one other member. The new project sounds like exactly that; three parts PMtoday, one part something new. Losing a bit of the post-hardcore attributes from their previous project and adding more electronic layers and experimental melody, move are definitely onto something with this transformation, much like Oceana’s drastic change into Polyenso.

The band is streaming the excellent new track, “Moon,” on their Bandcamp page and we can’t stop listening. Clocking in at nearly 6 minutes in length, “Moon” still has Connor’s killer vocals and the intricate guitar work weaved in amidst ambient layers of programming and touches on influences seemingly derived from the likes of Copeland and Radiohead. You can stream “Moon” after the jump or buy it for $.99 on Bandcamp.

Brian Leak

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