Run For Cover’s ‘Small Talk’ Interviews Chris Conley From Saves The Day

chris conley

Run For Cover records have been doing a lot when it comes to becoming a part of their consumers’ daily lifestyle. Between the beloved Tuesdays With Tay, small vignettes of their roster bands working on forthcoming albums, and my favorite segment, Small Talk, RFC have made a cyclical community on the web that can keep fans and friends alike connected to the inner workings of the Boston based label.

In their most recent Small Talk session, filmed by Alex Henery, current RFC videographer, and former guitarist of the sorely missed UK act Basement, RFC catches up with Chris Conley, lead singer and guitarist from Saves The Day. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Saves The Day’s latest, self-titled album, which is a stellar pop-punk work that will have you singing along for the coming months.

In their interview, Conley talks about the first few Saves The Day shows, favorite tours, the color pink, and much more. Be sure to watch the video after the jump, and check out Run For Cover’s extensively entertaining YouTube channel.

Drew Caruso

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