Patent Pending Release “Brighter” Lyric Video

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The new Patent Pending album is so close I can almost feel my overall sense of happiness beginning to raise from anticipation alone. Could this be the album fans have known they were capable of creating for so long? I think it just might be.

Not long ago, I wrote you at length about the relatively simple (but awesome) opening for Patent Pending’s upcoming album, Brighter. Now, the title track for the album has been released through YouTube as a colorful lyric video, and the good vibes just keeping on coming. The song has a decidedly mature feel in comparison to the band’s past releases, but the inherent sense of fun that resides at the core of the group’s music remains strongly in tact.

I cling to the belief that people who fervently work to better themselves through pursuit of their dreams will one day rise above the barriers they face in life, and it’s been a long time coming for Patent Pending to have their day on the national stage. They’ve reached such heights in the past for brief moments, such as their Billboard Awards performance in 2012, but they deserve more. I haven’t heard Brighter in full just yet, but I already know it’s something special. If you agree, pick up the album on October 8 or head over to the band’s iTunes and preorder Brighter today.

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