Lorde To Collaborate and/or Tour with Yoni Wolf/WHY?


Try to tell me you wouldn’t listen to some WolfLorde.

I had to read over the situation here at least three times to fully comprehend the amount of awesome possibilities that could erupt from a collaboration of this magnitude.

I’ve been a longtime follower and fan of the Wolf Brothers and their eclectic, genre-defying band WHY? (as well as their myriad of side projects) and was lucky enough to be a bit ahead of the curve on the young New Zealand phenom, Lorde, before she hit the mainstream charts with “Royals” and other hit jams, but to consider the two working together blows my mind in a whole new way.

Lorde took to Twitter yesterday to make a confession, mostly to Yoni Wolf, as well as her fans, that she had borrowed a line from Wolf that she used in her track “Still Sane” on her debut full-length, Pure Heroine. I for one would say, if you’re going to borrow lyrics from anyone, Yoni should certainly be at the top of your list. The lyric in question being, “Only bad people live to see their likeness in stone,” which was derived from Wolf’s very similar line of, “By torpedo or Crohn’s, only those evil live to see their own likeness in stone,” which is taken from WHY?’s song “By Torpedo or Crohn’s,” featured on their stellar 2008 release, Alopecia. Lorde admitted, “it’s the line about living to see your likeness in stone. i am the biggest why? fan; hope there’s no bad blood yoni!”

Rather than take offense or the douchey route of putting Lorde on blast in a blog post complaint, Yoni got all the cooler and likely made Lorde feel honored when he responded to her tweet with, “Let’s rectify the situation with some touring/collaboration!!” He then followed up with, “I tumblr’ed you my email and phone number. Let’s do this. I’ll be the shitty father you never had.”

One of the best parts of this whole thing to me is the simple fact that Lorde loves WHY? and that Yoni Wolf seems very aware of Lorde, although, how could you not be when she recently became the youngest person to land a U.S. number one single in two and a half decades!

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