UTG ESSENTIALS: Go Radio Favorites And Memoirs

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In light of tonight’s unfortunate news, we decided to send Go Radio off the right way. We’ve asked our staff and some of our friends to contribute a few words on their favorite Go Radio songs for this UTG Essentials feature/playlist.

Below, you’ll find the Go Radio favorites for a vast array of our music industry pals with some thoughts regarding the Talhassee, Florida band. Amazingly, every one of them picked a different song to write about. That’s a testament to the songwriting and performing abilities this band had as well as the unique relationships it shared with its fans. If you are a fan and your favorite song is missing, feel free to add your pick and thoughts in the comments! 

“I Won’t Lie” Jen Appel (Owner, Catalyst Publicity Group)

Close the distance may be one of the most beautifully written albums I’ve heard in a long time. Every track brings out a different emotion, something personable and relatable. From the very first time I heard the album I was hooked. One song in particular, “I Won’t Lie,” holds a special meaning to me. It’s one of those songs you can listen to on repeat for hours and never get sick of it.

“Hold On” Teri Cwiek (Bosslady, PupFresh)

While the obvious catchy melody of “Hold On” is enough to put it in my top Go Radio songs, it snags the spot as my favorite because of the message of perseverance in the lyrics. No matter what mistakes were made in the past, we won’t throw away everything we’ve worked for; we’ll hold on.

“Why I’m Home” –  Jacob Testa (Staff Writer, Mind Equals Blown)

I’m a sucker for piano and Jason Lancaster’s voice, and when they’re both together and at their best, it’s difficult to think of something I’d rather listen to. While I usually love everything Jason writes, the lyrics and melodies in this track are particularly well-constructed, the chord structure is phenomenal, and the string section simply makes this song irresistible.

“Thanks for Nothing”Daniel Rinaldi (Former Singer, Bedlight For Blue Eyes)

The raw emotion that Jason provides in the CD version and then in the demo version is something that can only be dreamed of by most singers. Knowing Jason for years and knowing the who what when where why of it makes it so much more powerful for me. You can hear his voice shake , the anger, the heartbreak. It is just rawness at its best

“Go To Hell” James Shotwell (Editor, Under The Gun Review)

Most people seem to love Go Radio for their ballads, but I always thought Jason Lancaster and crew had a wicked sense of humor that far too many overlooked. There may be a heart that has seen better days on his sleeve, but underneath the seemingly calm demeanor lies a side of Lancaster that has the ability to cut like a knife through someone’s emotions, and that is exemplified best on the track “Go To Hell.” It starts off as unassuming as possible, luring the listener in with the familiar elements of the band’s best ballads, then turns a lyrical corner leading into the bridge that turns the whole tale from a sob story into one of self-empowerment in less than three lines. The results are admittedly a bit silly, but in the best possible way. You feel the heart in that stab at Lancaster’s ex, and as he details how he’s well aware of her cheating ways you feel the dagger begin to twist. You sing not just because it’s catchy, but in celebration that the good guy got the last laugh, and that is a rare occurrence in the music of Go Radio.

“Letters and Love Notes” Tanya Gelman (Producer/Writer Manager, Advanced Alternative Media Inc.)

I saw Go Radio for the first time at a community center in Northern Virginia in 2009 and this is one of my go-to tracks whenever I feel like reminiscing the days of shows in church basements, VFS and community centers.

“Lost and Found” Christian Wagner (Staff Writer, Absolutepunk.net)

I find that “Lost And Found” is by far the most powerful and driving song in Go Radio’s discography. The structure and songwriting is genius and shows what the band can achieve.

“Hear Me Out”Tyler Common (Owner, Common Revolt)

What a great song this is. The moment I first heard this song I felt a deep emotional connection to it — having lost my grandfather relatively close to first hearing it is what drew me in even more. I’m not ashamed to say that this song was THE song that I went to for such a long period of time when I felt alone or like no one understood what I was going through. It has brought tears to my eyes countless times, and that’s what’s so amazing about music. It is so heartbreaking and sad at the same time and that’s what I love most about this track. With lyrics like “I had heart but it left with your breath,” it felt like someone wrote it from my perspective.

“Forever My Father”Bradley Walden (Singer, Emarosa)

“Forever My Father” has to be my favorite track. Jason’s voice is the obvious defining factor of that band (for me at least) and the vocals really cut through. The harmonies are on point and that chorus melody kills. Good emotion, great song.

“Goodnight Moon”Benjamin Wentworth (The Heavy Empty)

The book Goodnight Moon was a childhood favorite of mine. So when I heard that Jason had written a song referencing it, I was stoked. The drum production in this track, mixed with luscious guitar and piano work was made complete with a great lyric bed, making this song stick out in my mind as some of Go Radio’s best work. On a side note, I’m actually on tour right now with Jonny Craig and our merch girl Shelby has “When our hearts are heavy burdens, we shouldn’t have to bear alone” tattooed on her arm; it’s awesome!! — I’ve always thought that was a particularly good lyric from the song.

“When Dreaming Gets Drastic”Tarynn Law (Writer, Idobi Radio)

“When Dreaming Gets Drastic” is the first track from the Do Overs and Second Chances EP (and the first song I ever heard of theirs), and I knew then that Go Radio was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the scene – and were they ever. It’s quintessential Go Radio, from the driving guitars to Jason’s biting lyrics and angelic voice. They always gave it 110% whether it was in their kick-ass live performances or in the music they released, and that was evident way back from Welcome To Life in 2008.

“In our Final Hour”Jacob Tender (Editor, Under The Gun Review)

While many of my favorite Go Radio songs have been chosen by those above me, there is one they all left out. The song that introduced me to the band and made me an instant fan. I think it was the intro that caught my ear. Having been a Lancaster fan from the days of A Lesson in Romantics and a die-hard Anberlin obsessive, this was seemed to be the best of both worlds. I was hooked.

“I Miss You”Danny Alvarez (Go Radio’s Attorney, The Vindicated Group)

It’s hard to pick a favorite from amongst the works of your family – you aren’t supposed to have favorites when it is your brothers. I have worked with GoRadio for a very long time and this day is such a sad and humbling one for me. I guess we will end where we began and the title will be so very appropriate – “I Miss You” – off the Welcome To Life, EP. It is so old, it is not even on Itunes (I just checked.) Like we all begin in this industry, before I was their attorney and friend, I was their fan. We found this record early and my wife and I would jam it non-stop. Most people don’t know this, but GoRadio gave me my first shot in the music industry. For that, I owe them everything. While we will continue working together individually, I shall never forget the home that started it all. Thanks for the many great memories. I will Miss You!

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls curbside.audio home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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