Chvrches Release Short Video On Touring


Chvrches, who have been all over the net lately regarding their stellar debut album, The Bones of What You Believe, and front-woman Lauren Mayberry’s fantastic piece against internet misogyny, have released a short, but sweet video following the band while on tour.

The video has some pretty awesome clips of the band performing, along with small interview snippets, in which the band members talk about their personal feelings towards tour, the lifestyle of touring, and what it is like for Chvrches now. Chvrches is one of the most heartfelt bands out there at the moment, and it should be noted that the band handles all of their social networking sites themselves. Their increased effort to be involved in such a manner should not be taken for granted, and we as a collective community must do better to respect their actions.

Check out the video after the jump, then check out their album ASAP.

Drew Caruso

Drew Caruso is a Bostonian who, when not writing about music and film, spends his time getting lost in New England, reading books, talking about science whether people want to listen or not, and more. To see the thoughts of a scientist by day and a writer by night, follow him on Twitter.
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