Ke$ha Ignores Our Pleas, Teams Up With Pitbull Again


Sigh. Back in April, we – and the rest of critical America, typing dutifully at our laptops – panned Ke$ha’s Pitbull-featuring “Crazy Kids” remix. You may remember that single for its accomplishing the truly Olympian feat of being even more ear-unfriendly than the song’s previous, remix. It’s a shame, because most of Ke$ha’s Warrior is far superior to any non-“Die Young” single. That was an album worthy of the title Bangerz.

This partnership continues to blossom; the two toured together and now return with yet another track together. That track is “Timber,” and it sounds exactly what you’d expect a Ke$ha-featuring Pitbull song to sound like: a potentially terrific chorus getting unceremoniously grounded by gratingly boring verses.

While we are all quite happy for Pitbull and his success – which is all he talks about in between poignant, topical shoutouts to Miley’s twerking – we’d like to issue a cease-and-desist order concerning his continued efforts to bring Ke$ha’s sky high hooks crashing down to earth simply by being Pitbull. If you’ve really hit it off so well with Ke$ha, Pitbull, you have to do right by her. Let her go, Pitbull. Let her soar. You don’t have to stop being Pitbull. Just don’t let it get in the way of Ke$ha being Ke$ha.

Tyler Hanan

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