Listen to Avril Lavigne’s “Let Me Go” Featuring Chad Kroeger


It was only a matter of time before these two joined forces like this. We would’ve rather they spawned an actual baby but alas Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s “Let Me Go” is out of the bag. Yay?

Okay, so it’s kind of a letdown since it’s a ballad of sorts. When you’re doing a song with the dude from Nickelback, people are going to expect it to sound like an Affliction tee anthem that you sing as a joke at karaoke. While it might make its way to sing alongs, at best it’ll be a song that might garner a duet on The X Factor or something.

“Let Me Go” is no surprise since it’s on the album Lavigne and Kroeger met while making back in July 2012, and are married now. If you thought this was the most interesting pair up off her new record – think again. Just wait until we get to hear “Bad Girl” featuring Marilyn Manson.

Avril Lavgine’s self-titled record drops November 1 and if you’re wondering what “Let Me Go” sounds like, you can listen to it below.

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