Trailer For ‘I, Frankenstein’ Revealed


That’s it folks, we’ve done it. We have made Frankenstein “sexy.” One of my all-time favorite horror stories is being filmed for a modern release. Okay, that’s fine, but why is it going the way it appears to be? In the first trailer posted for I, Frankenstein, it showcases a sexy, scarred up Aaron Eckhart as the immortal Frankenstein, whose only linkage to the previous incarnations is that he is made of up of recycled parts.

Apparently, now there is a demonic approach to the master plot, where Frankenstein is thrown into an ancient battle between two clans. I want to enjoy this, though it really is starting to feel like the Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters of Frankenstein’s time.

The film is based off of a graphic novel, but even in that incarnation Frankenstein retains his monstrous look. I, Frankenstein is set to release January, 24, of next year.

Drew Caruso

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