UTG CRUSH: Christina Grimmie


We have been so bogged down in A Day To Remember news as of late that we have not had time to share with you our latest pop music addiction. At the age of just 19, Christina Grimmie is quickly on her way to becoming the next household name in radio-ready music. She has the opening slot on Selena Gomez‘s upcoming fall tour, and as long as her handlers push her fantastic debut album well we think she could soon be dominating radio play coast-to-coast in no time at all. Her music isn’t for everyone, but those who love a good pop sing-a-long are destined to fall in love.

Before I dive into why you should care about Christina Grimmie, let me first give a shoutout to the crew at Digital Tour Bus for bringing her talent to our attention. They run a cool site, so you should probably waste the next hour (after this post) clicking around their videos.

Anyway, onto Christina Grimmie and her breakout single, “Tell My Mama.” This is the kind of song that hits you like a slap to the face in the best possible way. It shakes you from the belief that all modern pop music has to be built on a foundation of EDM and instead offers a sound far more akin to the days when Motown ruled the charts. It’s squeaky-clean and super fun, with little-to-no care or thought put towards ‘sexing’ things up, and I’m willing to bet it becomes a highlight of your day. You can view the official video for “Tell My Mama” at the end of this post.

Who knows what the future may hold for the career of Christina Grimmie, but for the next week or two she will definitely be in rotation around the UTG headquarters. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this rising star.

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