Watch Tyler, the Creator’s Music Video for “Tamale”

Tyler+the+Creator 2013

Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator has shared a music video for his fan-favorite track “Tamale” off this year’s Wolf.  The “visual interpretation of Tyler’s mind” means lots of bright colors, golfing, and Tyler’s floating face as he raps the pretty calm part throughout. Keep your eyes peeled for Pharrell in there, too. Watch the video after the jump.

Keeping up with his past videos for Wolf, Tyler, the Creator also includes a video for part of another song at the end of this one, this time working in “Answer” while he sits on a worn couch and raps in a single shot.

If you’re new to Odd Future and are thrown off by giant cats or naked chicks, he takes a little time to explain. “Due to the ‘graphic’ nature of this film I was forced to blur because people aren’t ready to have intelligent conversations before they judge. Welcome to America,” he writes over a blurred scene of what looks like two guys dancing in a kitchen. Cue scene change to Tyler jumping on a woman’s behind like a trampoline with “But this shit is allowed” written underneath.

Watch the music video for “Tamale” below:

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