Of Machines Dealing With Issues Releasing New Music, Might Have To Change Band Name

Of Machines

For those of you who remember, Of Machines released a pretty sweet album back in 2009, then completely fell off the radar shortly after. Well they recently got things back together, and were working on releasing a new EP. They tried to release a new song that seems to have come to a hault, and the video was removed from YouTube. The band made a quick statement about the song being removed, however, they’ve since deleted the Facebook comment. Lucky for us, our own Brian Lion has quick fingers and managed to get a snapshot of their status before they deleted it. You can see what they had to say by checking below the jump.

According to them, Rise Records filed a copyright claim against the song they published, which is why it was removed. They’re not only concerned that they might have problems releasing their EP, but they’re saying they might have to change their name. The band also requested that fans not instigate the issue any further by sending “hate mail,” presumably to Rise Records and other parties involved.

We will keep tabs on the situation and update you as soon as we hear anything new.

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