Required Listening: Forever Came Calling – ‘Endangered Innocent’

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It has been a minute since we heard anything new from Forever Came Calling, but this November they’ll debut new material by way of a split with Family Thief. Absolutepunk premiered a song off the vinyl release late last week, and for one reason or another we didn’t run it. We’re sorry, FCC, but hopefully this post will make up for it.

Whether or not you loved the debut album from Forever Came Calling you owe it to your acoustic-loving ears to spend some time with “Endangered Innocent.” A ballad if there ever was one, this soon to be mixtape must-have revisits the heyday of young love and the feeling that moments can last forever. It’s at once heartwarming and depressing, combining all those awful feelings twenty-somethings do their best to drown out into a track worthy of late night basement sing-a-longs with a few hundred of your closest friends. You can stream the single below.

I don’t know anyone who can say no to a great acoustic track and this is by far one of the best we have heard in 2013. If you play this right before or after The Story So Far’s “Clairvoyant” you’re essentially guaranteed to make a pretty girl (or fashionably disheveled boy) weep.

Forever Came Calling’s split with Family Thief is due out November 19 through Pure Noise. Click here to preorder your copy.

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