First Cut From ‘Noah’ Not Sitting Well With Paramount

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“Darren is not made for studio films” says one of Aronofsky’s talent reps tied to his upcoming film. Currently, Aronofsky is in a bit of a feud with Paramount executives over the first screened cuts of his upcoming biblical epic, Noah. Given to three distinct groups, a largely Jewish audience in New York, a Christian audience in Arizona, and a general public screening in Orange County, the first screenings are yielding “troubling results.”

There has been no specific reasoning for why the screenings are not connecting well with the audiences, but, if looked at from a largely religious mindset, the main religious groups tied to the film do not seem to be initially satisfied with Aronofsky’s take on the biblical hero. The film has already garnered an interesting hype, noting that the film’s FX company, Industrial Light and Magic, has stated that the film is their most complicated project to date, something Aronosfky is most certainly proud of. Along with that, the director has said that in some frames, the only real image is that of a characters face. This strangely makes sense, when remembered that Noah will not feature any real animals, and will include some “fantastical” ones as well.

The film is set to release March 28, 2014, and will star Russell Crowe as the titular character, Noah.

Drew Caruso

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