MellowHigh Stream “Extinguisher,” Launch Album Preorder


What happens when you cross Odd Future‘s stoner deity Domo Genesis with fellow OFWGKTA members MellowHype (Left Brain and Hodgy Beats)? The answer is MellowHigh, the latest rap outfit aiming to conquer iTunes charts in the weeks ahead.

Given the number of collaborations Domo shared with Mellowhype, the birth of Mellowhigh was a long time in the making, but that does not make the resulting effort any less exciting. “Extinguisher,” the latest song to surface off the group’s upcoming mixtape, offers an off-the-cuff sound that harkens back to the early days of the Odd Future collective. All three emcees go in fast and furious over a lo-fi beat that has been given just enough bass boost to make your headphones rattle each time a new bar begins, and though the hook (or lack thereof) leaves a bit to be desired I dare anyone to make it through a complete spin without reaching for the replay button. You can stream “Extinguisher” at the end of this post.

The debut release from MellowHigh is due to arrive on iTunes this Halloween (October 31). If you like what you hear, click here and preorder your copy today.

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