A Tribe Called Quest Say Yeezus Shows Will Be Their Last

A Tribe Called Quest

Yesterday we learned that New York City, once again, really does get the best of everything. Now, we know for certain that it does. Turns out not only is A Tribe Called Quest supporting Kanye West for two Yeezus shows in November, but the hip-hop group are calling it quits after those shows.

According to ATCQ leader Q-Tip, they’ll mark the group’s final two shows ever. Q-Tip took to Twitter to explain, saying, “In August, ATCQ did our last show FOR Cali. It’s only right we do our FINAL 2 joints where we started…NYC.” That bill of first-generation hip-hop merged with today’s biggest rap pioneer means that these two shows will have more historical significance than Yeezus-obsessed fans were predicting.

A Tribe Called Quest broke up in 1998 after a 13-year run as one of hip-hop’s most successful–and inflectional–rap groups. Six years later they reunited for Rock the Bells, but their workflow since then has been inconsistent. A few tour dates here and there have popped up over the years and talk of a new album had been floating about, but now it seems it was all in vain. It’s time to say farewell, and Yeezus ticket-holders for the New York City dates get to wave the final goodbye.

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