Childish Gambino Addresses Instagram Posts, States He’s “Not Having A Crisis”

Childish Gambino

In case you missed it, Childish Gambino recently posted a series of Instagram photos of handwritten lists he made. The note cards he wrote on contained a bunch of his fears and anxieties. The list included that he was afraid people would hate who he really is, that he doesn’t want to be a rapper and plenty of other points.

NME recently had an interview with Childish Gambino to talk about the photos, and he had a lot to say. He wanted to clarify that he doesn’t want to be called a rapper, or be known as one. He has a bunch of different interests, and doesn’t want to be constrained to a single label. You can read a snippet of the conversation below the jump, and the entire interview here.

I just don’t like the term ‘rapper’. It exists but I’m definitely not a rapper. Rap is all balances of coolness and who can do the most with just their bravado. I don’t have that. That’s not my game. I’m not going to make certain things ‘cool’. But it means that I am going where rappers can’t go.

Kanye says they won’t let him make pants. This guy’s a genius and they won’t let him make cool shit because he’s a rapper. You can speak to Kid Cudi or to A$AP Rocky and they don’t want to be rappers either. People don’t think: ‘Oh, he’s a rapper and he has his own design company,’ which is sad.

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