A Great Big Pile Of Leaves’ Van Burglarized


This is a far too frequent occurrence that I really hate reporting on. Last night during their stop in Chicago, the indie group known as A Great Big Pile Of Leaves had their van broken into and had some belongings stolen from them. Someone made off with two acoustic guitars, a Mac and some personal belongings. It’s a shame to see any band get robbed, whether they are a smaller indie group like this, or a more famous group.

The band isn’t looking for donations, they are just asking for fans to buy some merchandise from their merch store. You can read what the band had to say by taking a look below the jump.

Dear friends,

During our show in Chicago last night, 4 blocks away from the venue, our van was broken into. Luckily most of our stuff was out of the van at this time, but we did lose a macbook, two acoustic guitars, and a few other personal belongings. We’ve decided that we didn’t want to go the donation route, because at the end of the day, the band and the safety of our belongings on tour are our responsibility.

With that being said, if anyone would like to grab some merch from our web store during this time, it would be greatly appreciated, as it would help us replace some of thetangible things that we lost last night. Thank you.


Pete, Tyler, Tucker & Matt

***If you live in the Chicago area (around Subterranean) please be on the lookout for a Martin Acoustic (00015M / 15 Series Brown Mahogany) and a Takamine Pro Series Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Natural Wood.

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