Sammy Adams Debuts “I Wish”

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Boston’s Boy Sammy Adams has built a career on feel-good anthems, but for his latest single Sammy is giving fans a taste of his softer side.

Having been signed to a major for a year at this point without an album release (or even talk of one), Sammy Adams has had an odd 2013 up to this point. His live shows continue to draw crowds, but his flow of new music has been far lighter than usual. We assumed he was working in the studio whenever time allowed, and this weekend we learned that was indeed the case as “I Wish” debuted online. The track finds Sammy recounting the many titles he’s been given in life through verses wrapped around a catchy chorus that seems to touch on that unending desire to be everything to everyone. The video, which you can find below, focuses on Adam’s creative process.

“I Wish” is a catchy midtempo track that lacks the club beats and EDM influence that essentially built Adams’ brand. It’s certainly not something I expect to see take off at radio, but it does showcase a side of Sammy that far too rarely reaches fans. There is a human underneath the hype, and “I Wish” finally finds Adams in a place where he’s ready to share who he is with those willing to listen.

No word yet on when Sammy will return with more tracks, but rest assured we’ll post them here as they go live. Until then, comment below and let us know your thoughts on “I Wish.”

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