Bear Attack Release Music Video For “Broke,” Explain Idea Behind Song/Video


Back in August we brought you an exclusive stream of a beautiful new song from Los Angeles based Bear Attack. Today, the indie pop quintet have released a new music video for another brand new song, entitled “Broke.”

The band took some time to explain to us the theme of the song, how the video relates to it, and other details regarding the process. You can check out part of that quote below with the rest following after the jump, along with the excellent video for “Broke.”

“”Broke” is essentially about going after that person that doesn’t love you back, but being extreeeeeemely persistent about it: “Give me a little time and take all my money, take all my money. You’ll come around and someday I’ll be the one you love.” That basically sums it up for you. Optimism at its peak. Maybe our protagonist isn’t aware of the “friend-zone?” Alas, it was really easy and fun to write, and the second we were finished with it we just knew we had to record it and make a music video. Like ASAP.

So, the video was conceived and directed by Sasha Young, who we knew through a friend who had made music videos with her before. Sasha is the kind of person who comes up with ideas in a kind of stream of consciousness-like way. It’s actually pretty remarkable…we (the band) will sit and talk for hours trying to come up with a good video concept without getting anywhere and Sasha comes along and takes no more than 2 seconds and comes up with something brilliant. The concept of the video is we (Bear Attack Inc.) are going around selling ad-space from atop our golf cart to unsuccessful entrepreneurs, and they have great success following our advertising around the block. We then party in the middle of the street. Boom.

We loved the idea – it was just completely wacky…but where to do it? We went to the desert (Indio, for any of you Coachella fans) and Sasha had found this neighborhood that was all but abandoned because it gets pretty hot in the summer. It was perfect. We had a limited amount of time to practice the video and get a good enough take before shadows from the trees and houses would start obscuring everything, so on our very last take (about the 6th or 7th run-through) everything went perfectly and that was that! The worst part was picking up the thrown Monopoly money after every take…but other than that, Sasha and Mac Fisken (the astoundingly good cinematographer who was filming from the trunk of a green Mini Cooper the whole day) made things run so smoothly, especially considering the heat. Oof-ta!”

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