Black Veil Brides Vocalist Hints At Supergroup With Asking Alexandria, Falling In Reverse Frontmen

Black Veil Brides 2013 BVB

The tradition of rock and roll supergroups is a long one, and it includes a fair amount of successes and failures. Some collaborations, such as Eric Clapton’s Cream, are nearly as legendary as their members’ solo work, and others, such as Damnocracy, which featured such talent as Scott Ian of Anthrax and Jason Bonham, imploded without ever having a hit song. The problems usually stem from having too many cooks in the kitchen, as rock star egos tend to clash when there is more than one of them in a room.

It’s hard to imagine that a supergroup featuring Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides), Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria), and Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) would fare any better than Damnocracy, but Biersack has nevertheless hinted that the trio started writing music together while working on Radke’s upcoming mixtape. He also said that he and Radke relate on a personal level, stating, “We understand what it’s like to be characters who are in the public eye and have people that assume things about you, whether it is true or not.”

Can the world handle that many rock stars on one record? It remains to be seen, but we’ll be following the story out of morbid curiosity, and we’ll be sure to share the music for your, uh, enjoyment if and when it surfaces.

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