WATCH: The 1975 – “Girls”

The 1975

“Everything feels totally wrong…we’re not a pop band…it needs to be black and white for a start.”

Arguably one of the fastest growing bands of 2013, The 1975, have released a music video for their newest single, “Girls,” and boy, what a single it is.

The glorious visual pop expedition (although they are not a pop band, as you will see) is one of my personal favorites off The 1975’s stacked debut album, The 1975. “Girls” measures up with fan favorites, “The City,” “Chocolate,” “Sex,” “Heart Out,” “Settle Down,” “Robbers,” “She Way Out,” “Pressure,” (see what I am getting at?) as one of the best alt-pop songs of the year.

The album, which isn’t even two months old, is a wonderful, fun, delve into alternative rock’s poppier side. You can check out our review of the album here, and follow us after the jump to dance along to the band’s new video.

Drew Caruso

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