Black Flag To Release New Album On November 5

black flag reversed color

Earlier in the day, Black Flag announced that their forthcoming album, titled What The…, will be released on November 5. This will be the group’s seventh full-length album to date, and their first effort since officially reforming earlier in the year.

In recent months, the outfit made headlines across the interwebs thanks to a lawsuit brought forth by frontman Greg Ginn, who persisted that several of his former bandmates had been using copyrighted material to promote their new act, FLAG. Several weeks ago, the feud was promptly extinguished when a California judge determined that the disputed material had fallen into “generic use.”

Nonetheless, this dilemma hasn’t kept Black Flag from making kick-ass music; the group released the first single off of What The… earlier in the summer. The track, titled “Wallow In Despair”, is gritty, in-your-face, and effectively silences any individuals doubting the group’s return to the limelight. You can check it out for yourself here.

Kyle Florence

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  • Jack Mumm

    Just quit, Ginn and company. You’re embarrassing yourselves.