Wet Release New Video For “You’re The Best”


One of my favorite tracks of the year just got a visual treatment and the results are as sweet as can be. Wet, one of the hardest bands to track down online (via Google anyway) have been making waves in recent months, especially after their recent CMJ showcases.

The quasi-elusive NYC outfit dropped their incredible self-titled EP recently on their cleverly titled website at kanyewet.biz, which features the single, “You’re The Best.” With a slow, heavy beat and fantastically beautiful vocals, this track is catchy and so easy to get into. Visually, the Jared Hutchinson-directed video focuses around a night on the town. It’s simple as all get out but pairs perfectly with the cut. Watch it after the jump and enjoy.

You can stream, Wet’s EP om their website or Bandcamp page. Keep your eyes and ears on this trio.

Brian Leak

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