Dirty Projectors Nod to Forrest Gump in “Impregnable Question” Music Video


Experimental indie rockers Dirty Projectors have released a new music video for “Impregnable Question” from last year’s excellent Swing Lo Magellan. The video sees some Forrest Gump action going on in a video with plenty of running — enough so that you may feel it’s time for a water break yourself.

Directed by Adam Newport-Berra, the music video follows his brother, Alex, as he goes for a long-distance run though two of America’s greatest natural landscapes. That means Alex and that one pair of sneakers ran though Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks (most likely prior to the whole government shutting down everything and anything ordeal).

Watch the video below and hold back the urge to tell, “Run, Alex! Run!”:


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