Kanye West Previews New Song In San Jose


Kanye West is not the type of artist to release new music on the fly. In fact, he’s almost the exact opposite. Kanye would rather spend a year+ on an album ensuring its perfection than drop a forgettable mp3 that the internet will pick apart. This is part of what makes him so great, but it also makes being a fan a bit frustrating because you never know when – or if – new material will be released. Thankfully, it seems the recent first time father is having a change of heart, and recently in San Jose he teased new material.

Yeezus arrived in June, so before we go any further it’s important to mention that the likelihood of Kanye releasing another record soon is slim-to-none. That said, there is at least one unreleased track that West is starting to share, and we can only imagine there will be more to follow.

Performing in San Jose recently, Kanye West was just walking on stage to begin his set when fans heard a small snippet of an as-of-yet unreleased track bloggers are calling “I’m Not Here.” The song fits the feel of Yeezus, with aggressive instrumentation and sparse lyricism, but did not play long enough to get a full grasp of what the track has to offer. You can view a fan-shot video from the show below. For best sound quality, we recommend setting the video resolution to 720p or higher.

There are plenty of dates left on the Yeezus tour, so don’t be surprised if you see additional headlines regarding the antics of Kanye West in the weeks ahead. For now, comment below and let us know your first impressions of his new material. If anything develops further, we’ll let you know.


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