Saddle Creek To Release Bright Eyes’ Christmas Album Wide For The First Time


In 2002, a young and still relatively under the radar Conor Oberst recorded A Christmas Album to benefit the Nebraska AIDS Project, which was available in limited quantities through Saddle Creek’s website. The album sold out in no time at all, and in the years that followed became a popular set of mp3s shared between fans hungry for every bit of Conor Oberst’s talent ever laid to tape. Now, 11 years after the origin release, Saddle Creek has revealed plans to release the album wide for the first time.

Hitting stores November 5, Bright EyesA Christmas Album will be available on CD, 180gram vinyl, and (of course) as a high quality digital download through a variety of online retailers. The album features Oberst’s take on 11 holiday staples, including “Away In A Manger,” “White Christmas,” and “Blue Christmas.” You can stream one of those songs at the end of this post.

Oberst recorded the album alongside Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor; Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova); Gretta Cohn (Cursive); Armand Costanzo; Denver Dalley (Desaparecidos); Stefanie Drootin-Senseny (The Good Life, Big Harp); Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, O+S); Neely Jenkins (Tilly and the Wall); Jiha Lee (The Good Life); Andy LeMaster (Now It’s Overhead); Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes); Matt Oberst; Stephen Pedersen (Criteria); Blake Sennett (Rilo Kiley); Macey Taylor (Mystic Valley Band); and Nick White (Tilly and the Wall).

If you’ve been a self-proclaimed Bright Eyes addict at any point in the last ten years, it’s hard to imagine you haven’t at least toyed with the idea of downloading A Christmas Album from one of the numerous b-sides/rarities sites online. Saddle Creek and Conor have been cool about downloads of the record for a long time, but the time has come to shell out some dough and show your appreciation for this alternative holiday must-have. Comment below and let us know if you plan on buying a copy this Christmas season.

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    i already own a copy on vinyl