Mogwai Announce New Album ‘Rave Tapes’ With New Song


If it looks like Mogwai, and it sounds like Mogwai…

Mogwai are pretty much a post rock establishment at this point, the consistent everyman to Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s cultishly adored artist. The band recently announced the followup to 2011’s thunderously good (and immaculately titled) Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.

The album is called Rave Tapes, a solid and fitting name, and it is heralded by the new song “Remurdered,” which can be described much the same way. The song is unmistakably Mogwai; monumental even in its quiet moments, it’s a dynamic, guitar-based slow burn that feels organically “important.”

It’s good to be both Mogwai and fans of Mogwai at this moment in time, basically. Take a listen to “Remurdered” below, and mark January 20/21 on your calendar. The album will be out those days via Sub Pop (US), Rock Action (UK), Spunk (Australia), and Hostess (Japan, SE Asia). A tip of the hat to Pitchfork for listing all of those.

Mogwai can also be heard on the French sorta-zombie show Les Revenants, which will begin airing in the US as The Returned on Halloween via Sundance. The show has been receiving great reviews; I myself have heard Grantland and Hitfix writers rave about it on their respective podcasts, in addition to a number of written pieces from the usual suspects.

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