David Bowie Releases Music Video For James Murphy’s Remix of “Love Is Lost”


At this point, David Bowie fans should be used to strange theatrics. On a scale of one to Ziggy Stardust, Bowie’s new video for the James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, producer of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor) remix of “Love Is Lost” is only about a five, but it’s still bound to be one of the weirder things you’ll see today.

The Halloween-appropriate clip primarily features a pale-faced Bowie dressed in dark costumes and singing in dark rooms, although he is occasionally accompanied by puppets from his personal collection. If it seems like this video has the creepy simplicity of a low budget horror movie, that’s probably because the budget for the video, which was edited in Bowie’s office, was approximately $13.

The video includes only four of the song’s ten minutes, and the full version will appear on The Next Day Extra, out November 4. The reissue of The Next Day also features another remix, bonus tracks from the initial release, and four brand new songs.

Check out the video after the break.

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