‘Labor Day’ Trailer Proves Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Pick Up Josh Brolin

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Jason Reitman is finally shedding his quirky skin and digging deep into a world where the consequences for poor decision making do not result in a hilarious relationship with Jason Bateman.

Labor Day may sound like the latest romantic holiday film, but that could not be farther form the truth. On a trip with her son a depressed single woman (Kate Winslet) learns that being a good samaritan can sometimes be bad for your health when she decides to pick up a wounded man on the side of the highway. The man (Josh Brolin) turns out to be an escaped convict, who takes the family hostage during Labor Day weekend. You can watch the trailer, which debuted on /Film, below.

This film looks far moodier than the description above leads you to believe, but that is not necessarily a complaint. Both Winslet and Brolin have resumes others would kill for, and to see either of them approach material like this, let alone with Reitman as director, leads me to believe there is something special in this script.

There is no specific release date for Labor Day, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slow roll out beginning with big cities sometime in early 2014. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the trailer.

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