‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Has a Release Date and New Trailer

The Wolf of Wall Street

After some unrest involving the film’s release date and length, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street has finally settled into a Christmas Day release after a shortened (and apparently approved) cut was screened for star Leonardo DiCaprio and Paramount executives earlier this week.

When Scorsese’s first cut of the film clocked in at over three hours, Paramount scrapped the original release date and rumors began swirling that we wouldn’t see it until 2014. The running time is now 165 minutes, and Paramount chairman Brad Grey sounds thrilled: “Marty’s work is fantastic. He’s continued to work on it but now it’s officially going to be ready for Christmas Day and I’m delighted.”

In a reactionary move, Paramount also bumped Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, the Chris Pine-led Tom Clancy adaptation, off the Dec. 25 spot. The thriller will now be released on Jan. 17. But to celebrate, make the jump and watch this new trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street. Even without the presence of Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead,” it’s just as effective as the first one.

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