Aziz Ansari Releases ‘Buried Alive’ Special, Loves Pusha T And Vinyl


If you’re like us you’re currently recovering from binging on horror movies for the last 31 days. Thankfully, Aziz Ansari and Netflix have delivered a comedic cure that everyone can enjoy without having to get off their couch.

Aziz Ansari’s new stand-up special, Buried Alive, is available starting today exclusively through Netflix. The album will be released for purchase through Ansari’s official website for $5 beginning early next week. You can view a trailer for the new release at the end of this post.

Speaking with Billboard about his new special and how music plays a large role in his life, Ansari revealed his current obsession is none other than Pusha T. He explained:

“That new Pusha T album — that song ‘Nosetalgia’ is pretty amazing,” he says when asked about what’s currently on replay for him. “I gotta listen to the new Drake album, there’s good stuff on there. And I’m excited about the new Arcade Fire album.”

As the conversation about his love of music continued, Aziz revealed that one of his favorite things to do in his free time is sit down and listen to albums on his record player:

“I still listen to a lot of music on vinyl,” says Ansari. “You’re so used to picking out one song and moving on to the next song from a different artist and different album. Vinyl forces you to lock in on one album, so you start to appreciate specific albums. I’ll go through things like the first Clash album, the Stooges, the first Strokes album — which is incredible and has aged really well. The Smiths and Led Zeppelin, too.”

When not touring, Aziz can currently be seen on the hit NBC show Parks & Recreation. He tours frequently, so keep an eye out for future tour announcements to appear on UTG in the months ahead.

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