‘Deadpool’ Movie Close To Happening?


It has been quiet on the Deadpool front recently. After a game that wasn’t very well received, the big screen hopes for Deadpool were quite slim. Until now, that is. Rumors are stirring that the film is making progress, with a new and final draft of the script being close to finalization, and the last bit of go-ahead is waiting for a green-light from Fox.

Considering the film has been in limbo for a while, the newer revisions may not stay true to the original intentions of the film, that of a “hard-R” superhero film. While in my mind, there are plenty of superhero canon’s that deserve an R-rating (Deadpool is one of them) I understand that it simply just doesn’t sell well. But, with Ryan Reynolds, a new script, director, and only waiting on a studio, there is reason to be hopeful for the franchise again. What is refreshing, is to see a cast and crew still so positive on the hopes for a foreseeable release.

If these stirrings reveal to be true, be sure to stay close to UTG for further news on the films status. In the meantime, follow us after the jump to watch a video of Deadpool continually slapping Wolverine.

Drew Caruso

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  • Brian Lion

    I’m not seeing much positive in Reynolds being attached… Guy hasn’t done any good since he got killed as a fat kid in The X-Files.