LIVE REVIEW: The 1975 at LA’s Fonda Theater (11/1/13)

The 1975 played the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles last night to an enthusiastic crowd.

Some would compare The 1975’s steady stream of momentum to a small campfire that has quickly spread to an unavoidable forest fire. Once this thing caught, it grew fast. I have witnessed the band’s growth first hand; catching them at this year’s SXSW with about 30 people, to a sold out show at LA’s Troubadour right before their debut album dropped, to last night’s sold out show at LA’s Fonda Theater. Around 1,200 people were completely captivated by the The 1975’s infectious sound, stage presence and contagious energy.

Walking into The Fonda last night I could feel the excitement among the diverse crowd. There were teens, 20-somethings and plenty of industry folks who were actually excited to see what this foursome from Manchester was all about. Going to shows in LA for the past few years, I have noticed the anticipation to see anything is always lacking, but last night it was palpable.

The band came out to a roaring reaction and made the notoriously “too cool to dance” LA crowd participate. Front man Matt Healy addressed the crowd only a few times but it was clear he was pleased by the reciprocated energy. The 17-song-set included tracks off their self-titled album and a few of the tracks off their EPs. Songs like “Girls,” “Heart Out,” and “Chocolate” garnered the most energy from the band as well as the theater. The ballad “Robbers” created a cinematic experience as the song washed over the crowd. That song has film soundtrack written all over it.

Their stage lighting was right on track with their branding, with a simple rectangle neon light fixture behind drummer George Daniel and the members all dressed in only black or white. The encores left for the most intense moments of the evening. The crowd erupted during the opening notes of “Sex,” and when the last note rang out of emotional song “You,” everyone around me was left feeling elated and satisfied. The absolute best way you can feel after a show.

I have never witnessed a band’s speedy rise to popularity like I have The 1975’s. In just seven months this band has grabbed the attention of everyone from actress Lindsay Lohan, One Direction’s Harry Styles, and even the Rolling Stones. Their confidence and conviction in the their music is irresistible, and if things stay on this course that fire is going to spread even further.

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