MGMT Release Music Video For “Alien Days”


MTV may not show music videos anymore (except on the fourth of July), but a creative and intriguing video can still be the key to massive amounts of internet exposure. MGMT knows this as well as anyone, as their odd and mildly disturbing video for “Kids” has garnered over 26 million plays on YouTube.

The Connecticut band is going for a similar formula in the new video for “Alien Days,” which fittingly features dancing aliens, a strange birth ritual, and some sheep. Check it out after the break, and let us know if it grabbed in you in the same way that “Kids” did back in 2009.

“Alien Days” comes from MGMT’s self-titled third album, which was released in September of this year.

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  • Quinn

    This video is a fantastic representation of the creativity displayed on this album. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet I highly recommend it.

  • shelbywcmr

    now thats a music video. love the whole album too!

  • DanCMR

    MGMT delivers, as usual. Bring on Alien Days!