‘Batman vs. Superman’ Batsuit Inspired By ‘Batman: Noel’


It appears that news is floating around stating that Ben Affleck’s batsuit in DC’s next film, Batman vs. Superman, will be inspired by the 2011 graphic novel, Batman: Noel.

The Noel incarnation of that caped crusader features a noticeably smaller set of ears on the cowl, and a much more defined eye brow, and jaw line. The suit, unfortunately, is one of Batman’s lesser known outfits in the canon (in my opinion) and it should be interesting to see how alike the new suit, and the Noel suit are. Others may also notice that the suit is much less a set of Kevlar looking armor, but more of standard layered clothing. I assume there was an intentional decision to make the suit differ aesthetically from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Take a look of a photo of the Noel suit from the 2011 graphic novel here, and follow us after the jump for a game-play video of the suit in the new Batman game, Batman: Arkham Origins.


Drew Caruso

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  • As much as I love this particular suit, the cowl does look an awful lot like a certain red suit worn by Affleck once before.