Broken Bells Premiere New Song “Holding On For Life,” Announce Album Release Date


After already wooing us last week with a lengthier tease of album/short film After The Disco, multiplatform duo extraordinaire Broken Bells has come right back today with the first full song from the album. 

While Brian Burton and James Mercer haven’t graced us with Kate Mara’s face when listening to this first single – unless you Google image search her in another tab, which, creepy – the design-inclined Broken Bells don’t disappoint.

The song itself is cotton candy sweet and cosmically inclined, delivering everything the pre-album press has promised. As always, there is a certain visual palette that adds tremendously to the curious, kaleidoscopic space disco “Holding On For Life.” More fluid modern art piece than music video, multidimensional waves of cool blues, greens, and purples flow around a solitary figure – Mara’s character – and the mysterious pink space object seen wreaking emotional havoc in the teaser. It’s much different than last week’s video, but it serves as a perfect companion piece. To watch the audio and video goodness, click over the band’s website – or, simply listen below.

After tearing one’s eyes away from that mesmerizing sight, the 11/5 preorder date can be seen. While the preorder options are not available and iTunes is the only option listed for tomorrow’s preorder date, the music box now sitting on my bookshelf speaks to the probability of there being some pretty cool options in the future.

The album will be released on January 14 via Columbia Records.

Tyler Hanan

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